It’s what we don’t do that counts!

It’s what we don’t do that counts!

We don’t overheat our honey

Our raw honey is only ever heated to a maximum of 40 degrees, which is the natural temperature of the bee hive. If honey is heated over 40 degrees, (which most commercial honey companies do) the natural health properties of the honey are destroyed.

We don't blend honey from different regions or vintages

So each bottle of our honey is unique to a specific time and place

We don’t fine filter our honey

So the natural pollens, waxes remain in the honey giving it its unique texture and character (most commercial operators fine filter their honey resulting in a generic texture, flavour and colour).

Terrior (taste of place)

Like coffee, chocolate or wine, time and place affect the flavour, texture and colour of the honey, giving it its unique character, that is why we never blend honey from different regions, beekeeper, floral source or vintage.

Carbon neutral

Our honey was the first honey in the world to achieve carbon neutral status.


Our honey can be traced back to its source, vintage, region and beekeeper.

Our process