Apis mellifera: Honeybees

APIS is born out of a frustration with the numerous chemicals, additives, artificial fragrances and preservatives lurking in the products we use daily.

Our quest began with a desire to develop a range that was not only completely natural but also gentle enough for even the most sensitive beings. The answer to this pursuit lay in the golden treasure of our beehive –Beeswax and Manuka honey.

Beeswax and Manuka honey, the incredible substances meticulously crafted by bees, possess an array of wellbeing and health benefits. We were drawn to the simplicity and purity of these two ingredients.

Our journey started with meticulous research, learning about the art of beekeeping, and understanding the complex and beautiful world of bees. We wanted to ensure that our products were not only natural but also sustainable and supportive of local beekeepers. This connection to nature and community was essential in shaping the ethos of our brand.

Over time, our efforts bore fruit, and we were able to craft a range of beeswax skincare, candle and functional honey products that we are truly proud of.

But our journey doesn’t end here. Our commitment to providing pure and natural skincare and wellbeing products remains steadfast. It is our hope that through these creations, we can contribute to a world where we can all enjoy the benefits of NZ Beeswax and Manuka honey that is not only effective but also harmonious with our bodies and the environment.

As you explore our range, we invite you to join us in celebrating the simplicity and purity of nature. Together, we can nurture our skin, our bodies, our mind, our home and protect our planet. Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey.

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 all natural, soy free and non-toxic